[Please read through Terms & Conditions of Customization Orders here BEFORE committing to a slot.]

Do you see something I have made before that you might love tweaked specially for you? Or are you looking for jewelry for your big day, your loved ones or just because?

I'd be happy to customize something uniquely yours! 


Customization Slots will be limited to 5-10 slots per month depending on my schedule, and will be fulfilled within 1-1.5 months.


Please note: There will be an additional customization fee ($20-60) on top of the price of your piece, depending on complexity of what you require, and for the time we will spend working out the details. It will be added at the final quotation stage.

Therefore it will be best if you have a relatively clear idea of what you might like made before purchasing a slot.

*If you need your order quicker than the given waiting time after discussion, a rush fee will be added to the final quote.


For example, the total will look like this-

50% Deposit [$100 non-refundable +(top up if necessary)] +

Rush Order Fee (if applicable) +

Additional Customization Fee ($20-60) +

50% Remainder +



How customization works:

1. For rough price quotes, kindly send me a DM on IG @elijjewelry or email me at Should you be sure you want a customization done, and have read through the process, kindly purchase a slot here.

Once purchased, it shows that you agree with the steps stated and serves as a commitment on your part to begin a customization with me and is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for the piece made specially for you. 

This deposit will go towards the total amount of your piece.This does not include courier shipping fees. Read about shipping fees here.

Some of my custom-cut jade carvings come in very limited quantities and will not be available for customization. They will be available only at online launches. Please feel free to check with me before purchasing a slot. Also, if the materials of what you want made is unavailable, or the design is not possible to be done, a refund will be given.


2. We will liaise via Instagram with photos and videos of material if necessary. Please contact me via your IG username or fill in your email address in your account details. We will also discuss your preferred colour palette etc.


3. I will then give you an estimate quote. If the deposit initially purchased does not add up to 50% of the estimated quote, it will need to be topped up prior to me starting work (via Paynow, Paylah or bank transfer). 


4. When your turn comes in my customization schedule, I will do a mock up to help you gauge how it will roughly look, unless we have already discussed this and have agreed on everything. 

A final quote will be given to you when things are finalized, but don’t worry, it will likely be the same, or not be far from the original quote if the design idea and gems are similar. Rarely, it may require more material, hence a slight top-up.


5. When your jewelry has been made, I will send you photos of the finished piece.

Please send the remaining payment (via Paynow, Paylah or bank transfer) before I mail your jewelry out to you. 

I hope that the customization process will be enjoyable for both of us, as I am most happy to help you achieve your dream piece of jewelry!


*Please note: Because customizations are made specially for you, and effort and time is made to ensure it is to your specifications, NO REFUNDS or RETURNS will be given once it is completed